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Chelsea Hotel's Green Wall

Social Responsibility

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As Canada's largest hotel with 1,590 rooms and a business operating in a large community such as Toronto, the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto recognizes and respects its corporate social responsibility ensuring that our quest for sustainable solutions continue to grow and evolve. In these days of economic uncertainty, one thing is for sure – the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto never compromises the need for sustainable initiatives and always considers the environment in our decision-making. We commit to improving our everyday operations that coincide with strong environmental management practices with the maintenance of quality service and meeting our guest expectations. This will be achieved by minimizing energy, water consumption and waste production. We will also continue to commit to our local community through supporting local NGOs, volunteer services and charitable activities.


Sustainability elements are integrated into our design and day-to-day operations to ensure our guests are enjoying our essential services in this sustainable living environment.

1. Public Area

  • Green Wall in the lobby – the Nedlaw "Aspirated" proto type living wall draws contaminated air through the hydroponic wall by use of the Natural Convection air movement created by the stack pressure of the living wall. Pollutants are broken down by the beneficial microbes associated with the plants. Clean air is returned to the occupied space as forest fresh outdoor air. For more information, visit www.nedlaw.ca
  • There is dimmable lighting and sensors in all banquet rooms and restaurants. Exterior lighting and signage are on timers. LED lighting is used in the lobby and CFL lighting in the meeting spaces.
  • Over 60% of the boilers are high efficiency.
  • The hotel is a 100% smoke-free environment
  • There are no hazardous materials kept on the property. Only non-toxic cleaning chemicals are used.
  • All four chillers are ozone friendly refrigerant.

2. Guest Rooms

  • Low-flow water saving showerheads and low flow toilets have been installed in most of the guestrooms.
  • Guest of the Earth program - there is a re-use towel program and sheet change program in all guestrooms.
  • CFL lighting in all guestrooms
  • We've phased out plastic water bottles from our guest rooms: We estimate that this change alone will result in a reduction of 4 million fewer bottles feeding into the waste stream annually.
  • We've eliminated paper guest receipts at check-in and check-out: Guests will be given the option to have electronic receipts e-mailed to them in place of paper.
  • Guest amenities – the hotel uses Hunter Amenities International Ltd. The product is called Pharmacopia and their biodegradable bottles are made from recycled plastic (no virgin plastic is used) and made in Mississauga – supporting our Canadian economy. Their liquids and soaps are also biodegradable.

    3. Eat, Drinks and Events

  • Keeping up with Sustainability: Inside the Kitchen of Canada’s Largest Hotel: read more
  • Partnership with local growers and suppliers – such as
  • http://www.100kmfoods.com/
  • 4 Green Key Meetings Rating – a hotel that has made significant advances towards protecting the environment in relation to their meetings and convention facilities and practices.
  • During the food preparation, all food scraps go into our green food bins to be composted. When all plates come back from the functions; food, garbage and recyclables get separated. We also ensure that all cardboard is sent to recycling.
  • All our stewards have training on proper use of chemicals to avoid water contamination. We also avoid water contamination by never pouring oil into the drains. We have a company that picks it up and disposes it properly.
  • For the cooking oil recycling, our partner is Wardlaw’s Poultry Farm (www.wardlawspoultryfarm.com ) – they specialize in recycling waste cooking oil.


We've have teamed up with various organizations in order to put our sustainability commitment into actions.

1. EarthCheck™ is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. The Chelsea Hotel, Toronto has been awarded EarthCheck certification since 2017. EarthCheck benchmarking provides organizations with a vehicle for sustainability reporting and is based on the premise of continuous improvement. To earn recognition the Hotel is required to meet the requirements of the past year’s benchmarking including the collection and submission of data to EarthCheck; which is then audited for compliance.

Click here to view the hotel’s 2020 performance report.

2. Ongoing partnership with Eco Resource Management Inc.

  • WASTE is picked up from the 30 yard compactor at the hotel and taken to the Wasteco transfer stations at 150 Orenda Road in Brampton and 6710 Columbus Road in Mississauga. It may be further transported to Covanta, an energy from waste facility in Niagara Falls, NY.
  • CARDBOARD is compacted at the hotel and taken to the Cascades sorting facility. The cardboard is sorted, separated and graded, then sent to various paper mills for processing.
  • CANS, BOTTLES & PLASTICS are collected in totes at the hotel and taken to the Canada Fibres material sorting and recycling facility. This material is then sent on to various recycling locations for reprocessing.
  • ORGANICS (food waste) are picked up by Wasteco and delivered to their facility at 150 Orenda Road in Brampton. Materials are inspected, loaded and delivered for processing and Biogas capture to Seacliff Energy in Leamington, ON. This is an anaerobic digestion facility, where microorganisms are used to break down materials and produce methane, which is captured and fed back into the grid as either electricity or gas.

3. Earth Hour and Earth Day commitment

4. Catalyst Donor – SickKids Foundation (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)

5. Supporter of Heart and Stroke Foundation (BIG BIKE) and Yonge Street Mission

6. Hotel Green Team – made up of colleagues from all departments. Meet monthly.

In recognition of the Chelsea Hotel's environmental initiatives, the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) continues to award the Chelsea Hotel with a 4 Green Key ECOmmodation rating. This program is essentially a measurement and performance tool for improving our environmental performance. On October 23, 2012, the Chelsea Hotel announced the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Recharging Station. This initiative promotes the adoption of sustainable transportation alternatives. The hotel partnered with Sun Country Highway, a Canadian owned company focused on creating Canada's electric vehicle infrastructure. For more information, visit www.suncountryhighway.ca. In February 2009, the Chelsea Hotel was recognized with the Hotel Association of Canada's Hall of Fame Award for Energy and Environment.

For any enquiries or feedback regarding hotel CSR policy and initiatives, please kindly contact the Director of Public Relations.

Social and Sustainability Policy